Postcard from idyllic Kaiafas Lake, Greece

A short drive from Olympia in Ilia. South-West Greece lies lovely Kaiafas Lake, a picturesque mountainous region with thermal springs and pine forests.

There is a natural spa with a hot spring fed pool for relaxing in and enjoying the reputed healing properties of natural hydrotherapy. The locals apparently make regular use of it and have long benefitted from the natural springs.

The waters pass through the poetically named cave the “Nymphs of Anigrides” feeding the lake and Hydrotherapy Centre. The name seems quite apt however gazing at it. It also has an important place in Greek mythology, as it is the reputed birthplace of Dardanos, the ancestor of the Trojans.

The lake is a famed fishery, regularly stocked via a natural channel from the Ionian Sea and for this reason attracts both anglers and water-birds in search of dinner.

The lake also offers great opportunities for water sports but personally I just found it a lovely place to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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A cruise boat on Kaiafas Lake, Ilia near Olympia, Greece on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Stunning Kaiafas Lake


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