Postcard from the French Wolfpack

I simply love this portrait of a wolf taken at the Parc Animalier Pyrénées which is an animal sanctuary in the village of Argelès-Gazost in the French Haute-Pyrénées.

The sanctuary is devoted to the original indigenous species which used to or still inhabit the region. As well as wolves there are otters, deer, marmots, bears, lynx and various species of birdlife.

Whilst most of the animals have their own special attractions, especially the otters which were so alert and playful and the marmots which are the obvious favourites, playful and available to feed.  They look like large guinea pigs so appeal to children but ultimately for me the wolves were the real stars.

They were split into two pens with separate ‘packs‘ the first was a pair of white wolves and the second pen was home to a small grey wolfpack.

It is wonderful to see these magnificent creatures, they are the epitome of wilderness for me, their howl is the true haunting ‘call of the wild’. They seem synonymous with with the feral and remote corners of the planet and it would be even more amazing if they could return to run free in the untouched regions of the Pyrénées.

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The Pyrenean Animal Sanctuary in the village of Argelès-Gazost on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

A wold portrait


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