Postcard from an Egyptian sunset

Desert sunsets always seem especially spectacular. Sitting above a Bedouin camp in the Egyptian desert near Sharm el Sheik was proof enough of this for me.

Watching from a high point above the camp provided moments of great peace and solitude before the festivities of the evening began. Lingering as long as I dared before joining the rest of the group for the planned entertainment. It wasn’t long however before the draw of the setting sun had me sneaking away to catch the last glimpse before it sank below the surrounding hills.

After a day spent riding quad bikes and camels before sipping mint tea with a buffet, the sky was the perfect end to the adventure. It added to the arranged entertainment which consisted of bedouin ‘dancing music’ and in many ways surpassed it. We were provided with a hot and cold buffet, encouraged to join the dancing and even given some beers but the setting sun was the highlight of the evening.

The desert area close to Sharm el Sheik does not provide sweeping vistas, mile upon mile of mountainous dunes. It is a rocky landscape which would not look out of place on Mars, especially when the sun is low in the sky which seems to accentuate the red rock.

It was a little unfortunate that there wasn’t an opportunity to take a drive in the off-roader but a twilight drive on the quad-bikes was an exciting alternative. There are not any real tracks to follow and in the dim light of dusk playing catchup on the loose, gravel ground provides some great fun.

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Offroad vehicle at sunset in the desert of Egypt, near Sharm el Sheik on the Red Sea on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Desert sunset


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