Postcard from the ‘Blue City’ Essaouira, Morocco

Just a few minutes spent wandering around the medina or port area of Essaouira and it maybe considered another unofficial ‘Blue City’.

Doors, shutters, the fishing fleet in the harbour and even the base of trees are painted in a vibrant blue which appears a little quaint but also very striking.

The small boats in the foreground are the ‘longlining’ boats which capture large fish and even blue sharks on hooked lines often many kilometres in length. The paradox is the bigger boats which tow fishing nets catch smaller fish such as sardine and mackerel.

The fish market is possibly the most exciting place to visit in the port, a bustling hive of activity and sound. Tourists amble between the stalls taking snaps while local women barter the best price for all kinds of fish from sea bream or bass to conger eel. Fish knives are wielded with well honed skill filleting even the toughest fish in a matter of moments. If approaching from downwind the fishy stench will provide ample warning of the produce available long before the flashing steel or glint of scales.

The weather worn faces of the fisherman are full of character and a naturally captured image is undoubtedly the catch of the day.

The fishing fleet of the 'Blue City' Essaouria in Morocco on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

The fishing fleet at rest


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  1. Andy at Buzztrips

    Nice. Hope you managed to avoid the almost obligatory ‘calling card’ from the seagulls there? We found the harbour in Essaouira to be a constant gauntlet-run from their well-aimed, ahem, emissions 🙂

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