Postcard from Arnaia, quintessential Greece

Villages can be a photographer’s dream and although it might seem unlikely they often have more of interest than a city. Sure sheer size suggests there will be more to see and do but the compactness of a small town or village with plenty to stimulate within a small area can outweigh this.

Remaining observant and exploring the small back streets can be productive. Quaint colourful houses, narrow often cobbled streets and equally colourful characters going about their daily business sometimes in surprising ways can provide special memories and memorable images.

Witnessing chickens, goats, pigs and even cattle wandering and grazing freely in the streets always makes me smile and feel strangely at home. Scenes of semi-rural bliss where the only traffic stoppages are caused by livestock.

The choice of taverns or restaurants maybe more limited than a city but they are usually of high quality requiring to keep the locals happy. The welcome and service is often equally pleasant, family run businesses which are grateful for your custom, friendly and keen to please.

This is the town hall in the village of Arnaia in the Greek region of Halikidi. This is one of a series of images I had taken of it, most were ‘typical’ but this slightly more unusual angle appears more interesting and pleasing to me. The blooms and street lamp in the foreground add a little extra interest.

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The town hall in the Greek village of Arnaia in Halkidiki on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Arnaia clock tower


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