Postcard from the Sands of Time, Blackpool

A autumn lovely day on a deserted beach in Blackpool on the Fylde Coast, North West England. Almost deserted apart from one woman out enjoying the sunshine and solitude with her dogs.

It probably harks back to more peaceful times, it was originally an English Victorian resort and has been popular with families for more than one hundred years. Located close to the centre of industrial England, it was favoured by the owners and workers of the textile mills of Manchester.

In recent times it has attracted stag and hen parties and plenty of others merely coming to get drunk in the nightclubs. This is a shame as there are lots of attractions for other visitors, the Pleasure Beach ‘theme park’, the Tower, casinos, three piers, the zoo and miles of beaches. most of which have been cleaned and one area of the resort which has been improved.

There has been plenty of progress elsewhere however and it is not from want to trying that the families continue to stay away, the majority of the promenade has been completely modernised.

A deserted Blackpool beach on the Fylde Coast, a Lancashire resort in the United Kingdom on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

A peaceful walk with the dogs

It is located within easy travelling distance of the large cities of Manchester or Liverpool, the beauty of the Lake District and other attractions of Lancashire.

The sands of time continue to slip away in places like Blackpool, it is where I grew up and holds many happy childhood memories for me. As families stay away, the resort is apparently on the decline, pictures like this may seem to reiterate this decline but for me prove it is a place where solitude can still be found and there is much to offer.

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  1. Alison

    This is a gorgeous picture and a side of Blackpool I’ve never seen before. Me and my family used to travel to the illuminations every year when I was a kid and I’ve been to a hen party there before. But this is such a different image to what immediately comes to mind when thinking of Blackpool.

    1. Post

      Thank you Alison, totally agree this is not the image most people have of the brash resort. It is the reason I decided to post it, I wanted to show there is more to the town than ‘kiss me quick’ hats and drunken parties.

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