Postcard from rural Corsica

I really like this little scene from Corte on Corsica the ‘Island of Beauty’, it geniunely has a postcard feel about it. It deserves the nake, away from the capital Ajaccio or the resorts of Calvi and Bastia or even the main attraction on the GR20 there is plenty to appeal.

I was exploring the grounds of an eccentric baron that had allowed me to ‘couchsurf’, he quickly became a friend and the grounds of his chateau was a treasure trove of eclectic delights.

Apart from this pretty little chapel and the wandering cow, there was a horse and donkey that spent their day constantly bickering, chasing each other around, biting and landing well aimed kicks on each other. To be fair the horse seemed to be the ‘bully’ of the pair, but it was also amusing to watch.

There was a bank of outside computer terminals, hammocks, al fresco dining areas, wild tortoises and even a tent reputed to have belonged to Napoleon. This might not be such a stretch as the baron’s family did apparently have connections with the former emperor.

This visit really added to the adventure of this trip to the French island, and I hope it will be possible to return soon.

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A rural scene near lovely Corte on the French island of Corsica on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

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