Postcard from Poland; a Football Fan

Watching an international football match can be a exhilarating but it can also be a little cruel, with the hopes and aspirations of a nation often dashed by a single swing of a booted foot or a prod of a head. The opening of a new stadium in Poland promises so much.

This forlorn looking young supporter standing alone after the game whilst others rush for the exits portrays the sometimes lonely life of a football supporter. It is impossible to discern from his demeanour that his team drew against highly rated opponents with a team chock full of superstars. The young man is likely to experience the whole gamut of emotions throughout his football supporting life, the highs and the lows will become familiar to him.

The first game at the National Football Stadium in Warsaw Poland was a friendly against Portugal that never really came to life. Friendlies by nature have nothing of any importance to play for and this was evident in the lack of urgency displayed by both teams. Try telling it to those that support the teams however, to them every game matters, they want the bragging rights that are part and parcel of winning.

The passion is often in the stands rather than on the pitch and this match will be the subject of a post soon.

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  1. Stéphane Deslauriers


    Just a quick word to thank you for these pictures you send us regularly. Thank you to give us the opportunity to dream and share your travel memories and feeling! You let us travel with you.



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      Thank you Stéphane I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, glad you like the postcards and glad to have you travelling with me.

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