Postcard from Honduras … actually Berlin

For those that have been missing the daily travel photo my apologies its been one hectic round of complimentary coffee and mojitos at ITB Berlin.

I thought this colourful and intense portrait from the Honduras stand might make up for it.

These are one of the true highlights of the trade fair,it is always great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones from the travel website community but the displays on the national stands are often amazing. So much vibrance. colour and energy with dancers and music usually in full national costume, they portray their national identity with vigour, panache and passion . I could spend a day just soaking this up, in fact I did!

These fairs are often about networking opportunities and presentations, many of which which have been fascinating. I have enjoyed a few of these informative talks and panel discussions from the luminaries within the travel website and blogging community learning a lot. However I forgot my networking head as very little has been done by yours truly.

It’s still be great fun and images like this will keep it fresh in my mind and I will probably need a lot less persuading to attend for next year

Thank you ITB Berlin

Honduras stand at ITB Berlin on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography, explore

Stared out by Honduras


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