Postcard from Lake Mývatn and Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses on the shore of Lake Mývatn. Don’t call them ponies though, they don’t appreciate it, although I think it is the Icelanders that take issue more than the horses. They do not seem that concerned, obviously comfortable in their ‘equininity’. (yeah made it up!)

Lake Mývatn is a fascinating place to visit in the north of the island, easily reached from Akureyri or on an excursion. These are easy to book and apparently are never over booked as they will merely arrange another coach, how cool.

The lake sits in the Mývatn region and has a unique landscape formed by volcanic activity. There is a varied wildlife so it seems a little unfortunate they appear to have named it after the large number of midges which proliferate here.

It is particularly blessed with birdlife, and all species of Icelandic wetland wild fowl nest here and in Iceland’s other region of internationally recognised wetland importance; Laxá River.

If visiting Iceland book an excursion to the north of the island, Akureyri is a lovely city and Mývatn should not be missed, just don’t forget the insect repellent.

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Icelandic horses at Lake Mývatn, Iceland on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Friendlier than the midges!


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  1. Johnny Peacock

    Great shot!

    I’m going to Icelaned for a week in June to take advantage of the long sunsets/rises of the midnight sun. Looking forward to driving around taking photos but trying to plan a few activities as well. I don’t want to rush around and eb tired the whole time, which I have a tendency to do.

    Any advice on must-do activities and where best to spend my time?

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