Postcard from Fallen Heroes, Île de Ré

Whilst exloring the island of Île de Ré in the French Charente-Maritime region I unexpectedly came across this war memorial in a park. It is dedicated to the fallen of the island in some of the conflicts France has been involved in.

Cenotaphs or war monuments always feel slightly sad, so many young lives lost and yet usually to preserve the freedom of others. They can also be symbols of hope. These memorials are about celebrating the lives of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and although war is wasteful their sacrifice is meaningful.

This memorial is particularly attractive, the dying eagle and especially as the sun was setting on it seemed very poignant.

It almost felt as if the sun was setting on those that had fallen in battle, gone but never to be forgotten.

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A park on Île de Ré with a memorial to war heroes on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Celebrating heroes


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