Postcard from the Egyptian Nile; Swimming Boys

These young boys playing in the Nile, Egypt, jumping,  splashing and swimming around, looked as if they were having so much fun it was tempting to join them.

It wasn’t any form of spiritual experience for them, just some good fun probably not even realising they are swimming in one of the great rivers of the world.

It is 6695 kilometres in length which makes it even longer than the Amazon and likely to be the longest river on earth. It is usually associated with Egypt but actually passes through eight other countries; Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan.

Lake Victoria which is bordered by Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda has been considered the source of the White Nile river system since 1863. It was discovered by John Hanning Speke on August 3rd, 1858 but he was sent back to confirm his conclusion by the Royal Geographical Society a few years later. Despite this there are several feeder rivers to the lake and one of these could accurately be described as the true source 0f the Nile.

Boys playing in the Nile near Luxor, Egypt on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Local boys enjoying a swim

It’s has been of great importance to Egypt in particular however throughout history, the annual spring floods provide extremely fertile soil. It also provides valuable water for drinking and irrigation to the notoriously dry desert regions, this enabled sophiscated cities to be built and a great civilisation to be built. Papyrus reeds were able to grow, which allowed paper to be produced and writing, the foundation of any civilisation.

The Nile is also home to crocodiles growing to more than 4 metres long, fortunately they are usually found in the quieter, ‘wilder’ regions of the river.

These young men are not interested in any of this however they just want to swim and who can blame them?


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