Postcard from Corte, Corsica; A city in the clouds

The city of Corte on Corsica is well placed for exploring the North of the island in particular. With picturesque train links to some of the major cities including the capital Ajaccio, as well as the resorts of Calvi and Bastia.

Located in the mountainous interior it is also linked by a number of trekking routes. A couple of hours pleasant hike down the Valley du Tavignau  provides access to the Mare e Mare Nord and the GR20. Corsica is known as the ‘Mountain in the Sea’ and when surrounded by the high hills around Corte it is easy to understand why.

The Corsican city of Corte with its Citadelle in the Clouds on Mallory on Travel adventure, photogrpahy

City in the Clouds

Corte is worthy of a visit in its own right, apart from the spectacular citadelle pictured here there are plenty of good restaurants, bars and coffee shops to discover. The Musée di a Corse provides a fascinating insight into the development of the island especially the wine industry.

The city has significance in the history of the island and France, being the capital of Pascal Paoli’s independent Corsica from 1755-1769. In common with several Corsican cities it claims connections with Napoleon Bonaparte, but the family did have a home here and his elder brother Joseph was born here therefore these claims are stronger than most.

The view from the citadelle is worth the steepish climb, on some days maybe your head will really be amongst the clouds.

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