Postcard from Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Even today a visit to the German capital city would be incomplete without a trip to Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin although things have changed quite a bit since the Wall came down.

It is now more about the bars, restaurants and museums which provide a little history with a beer or even a Big Mac. There is still a small piece of the wall on show outside one of the main museums.

The Amercian checkpoint and most famous crossing point into East Berlin during the Cold War, it attracted many visitors then but for very different reasons. Even the guards are fake, although they will still stamp your passport if required.

Is it an improvement? Well definitely pleased the Wall came down, but commercialisation has changed the character, it is still worth a visit of course but it has lost a little indefinable something.

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Guarding the fast food restaurants


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  1. Turtle

    It seems a bit strange to have all the souvenir stores around it. Yes, it’s an important part of history and should be visited by tourists. But the commercialisation seems to take away from its meaning a bit.

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