Postcard from Bourtzi Fortress Island, Greece

The pretty Greek port/resort of Nafplio in the Peloponnese was until early in the last century the capital of the country. The small island of Bourtzi with it’s pretty little fortress sits just off the shore

It is a very attractive city with an old inner town near the port itself and a high walled fortification which overlooks the whole city. The majority of this is sited on a peninsula that protrudes into the Argolic Gulf.

It is possible to take a short trip from the port to the island to visit the Venetian completed fortress which plays a part in hosting the Summer Music Festival held in the city. There was not an opportunity to take the excursion during this short visit but just watching sunset in the harbour was a delight. The sun slowly dipping beneath the horizon turning the calm water a golden yellow and blending it with the sky provided reason to linger more than was sensible.

The resort has plenty to attract visitors with shops, coffee houses and good restaurants and is one of the most popular destinations for the Greeks to visit. The old harbour area is especially appealing, narrow streets lined with attractive buildings which house chic boutiques and bistros.

Maybe trusting Greeks that bear gifts is a mistake but taking their recommendations on the best places to visit in Greece seems much wiser.

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Bourtzi sits just off Napflio in the Greek Argolic Gulf on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Picturesque Bourtzi


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