Postcard from Derwentwater, Lakeland

A rainy day in the English Lake District may not be everybody’s idea of a great time or one that can be associated with opportunities for taking a special image.

A classical shot from a wet day on the jetty at Derwentwater however became one of my favourite shots in a whole year of exotic travels. It encourages me to visit more of my homeland, there is so much more that has still to be discovered within a few hours of my front door.

The hues of blue which came out and did not really give away just how wet that day was and can have me gazing into the distance for several moments. The hills and fells of the Lakes are some of my favourite in the United Kingdom and they appear so inviting here.

The English Lakes often seem to have more rainy days than bright ones and it can be difficult to find a little solitude as the National Park is especially popular with tourists. The Lakes remain one of my favourite places in the country, they can be stunningly beautiful and Derwentwater is one of the most lovely of all lakeland areas.

This image helps me remember that there are still days when it is possible to find a little peace and quiet to go with the inescapable beauty of this lovely place.

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Derwentwater cruise boat jetty in the English Lake District on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Jetty in blue


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