Postcard from beautiful development in Warsaw

Finding an unexpectedly beautiful view is one of the great pleasures of travel and capturing it to share with family and friends is extra special.

This view of Warsaw in Poland from the top of the Palace of Culture and Science fits this description perfectly. The city itself is full of pleasant surprises, modern, progressive and moving beyond its past history. I have to confess that my expectations had been for a city more reminiscent of communism filled with stark, drab and uniform looking buildings.

There are still a few of these of course but where possible they have received a facelift in an attempt to make them appear more attractive and friendly. This is no mean feat when some of the monstrosities of the era are considered, huge, grey and characterless boxes that are still scars on many of eastern Europe’s great cities.

Warsaw is one city however which is working hard to reinvent itself. There has been and there is a great deal of continuing development in the modern city, almost every district or street seems to be receiving some tender loving care.

The ‘Old Town’ justifiably attracts plenty of visitors and praise, the manner in which it has been restored with meticulous attention to detail is quite astonishing and the result is a unique and attractive experience.

Sunset from the top of the Palace of Kulture and Science, Warsaw Poland  on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography

Beauty in development

The new part of the city however should not be ignored there are many fascinating museums, particularly the Warsaw Rising Museum and very cool, even musical sculptures. There are plenty of restaurants and bars along the way to provide a little sustenance and refreshment for continuing the arduous task of sightseeing.

Looking down over the city from a high point such as this one, it becomes obvious just how effectively Warsaw has moved on. In such circumstances development can appear beautiful. It does help a little if the sun provides a wonderful sunset to add a little extra ‘flare’.

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