Postcard from a Marrakech street scene

Oranges are easy to find in Marrakech, in fact anywhere in Morocco. They grow in trees at the side of the streets, in train stations, parks and just about anywhere you look.

The main square of Djemaa el Fna is flanked by stallholders selling freshly squeezed orange juice at an unbelievably cheap price.

I always wondered where they collected their produce from, did they grow them, maybe in their back gardens, smallholdings or pick them from the thousands of trees around the medina? However much travellers may dislike the attentions of the stallholders and street sellers nobody can complain about the price of a fresh fruit juice.

This street scene is typical of Marrakech, animated with plenty going on, people going about their business, the oranges of course and even a donkey which are worked exceedingly hard out there. This is a common scene throughout the city, especially in the residential areas outside the centre of the medina.

This is often where the most interesting scenes can be found away from the tourist packed areas of the square, souks and medina. The locals aren’t always keen to allow travellers to wander away from the main areas, attempting to direct them back to the main square and tanneries. Remaining polite but firm, by remaining determined and continuing on can provide some surprises.

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Ornage seller on the streets on Marrakech medina, Morocco on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Oranges are easy to find in Morocco


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