Postcard from a bucketlist day, hot air ballooning in Spain

Keeping bucket lists is not my style however if I did, drifting on air currents on an early mist filled morning over extinct volcanoes in a hot air balloon would certainly qualify. Ballooning rules!

Floating on air over the La Garrotxa region of Catalonia provided countless memorable moments and almost as many favourite images. Any first time experience should be savoured, one as breath-taking as this one however is an extra special one and it was over all too soon.

It is pleasant being able to share my flight in a giant air filled fabric globe with a group of fellow website publishers. The air was filling with our excited chatter and camera shutters but still politely listening to our guide and enjoying a breakfast of cava and cake.

Ballooning; Drifting over the volcanoes of La Garrotxa in a hot air balloon in the Catalan, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

A ‘bucket’ list day

This Spanish experience was deliberately organised for early morning as the air is usually clearer and affords greater visibility. This particular morning started out with a heavy mist but once we rose into the sky it soon cleared, leaving just a thick, fluffy blanket of cloud carpeting the valley floor.

The hues of the morning changed dramatically before our eyes, starting out bright crimson, through shades of orange and yellow before finally clear blue by mid morning. Drifting over villages, farms and churches we could often here the sounds from below, dogs barking and tractors being started.

Those that have ballooning on their bucket list are urged to tick it off soon. There may have been some highly publicised accidents but there are many more safe and successful flights than problem ones. Don’t be too fussy about the destination either, anywhere will almost certainly provide an unforgettable experience.

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      Thanks Lesley I apprecoate you saying that, it really means a great deal. There’s still plenty of time though, so many great images out there published every day by talented photog/bloggers.

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