Celebrating Our Colourful World of Hues and Shades

Our world is a saturated place; colour almost explodes around us every day.

For those of us fortunate enough to be able to see them, our world is full of colour; there are so many hues and shades that many are indistinguishable to our eyes.

Enjoying surise in Muscat, Oman on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography


The earth, ocean and sky are Mother Nature’s palette; she has splashed her paint brush around producing landscapes which are dazzling and often spectacular.

The breath-taking cauldron of colour which can result from a sunrise or sunset will often have us spellbound by one of nature’s most stunning displays. The rich mix of hues as the sky gradually begins deep crimson, becoming orange or yellow before finally treating the watcher to the clarity of blue that maybe only the atmosphere can get just right is the magic of a sunrise. We witness the opposite in reverse at sunset, until the eventually becoming ensconced in an inky blackness.

Sunset in the Omani hills at Jabal Al Akhdar on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Richness of a sunset

Spring is possibly nature’s favourite season for showing off, blossoming cherry trees, fields of poppies or sunflowers in late spring, meadows filled with bluebells set against the rich green of untouched pastures. Even a single rose or orchid can have many subtle shades within its delicate petals.

Autumn or Fall can be equally spectacular, as whole forests even hillsides gradually lose their greenery taking on a golden cloak or maybe even a reddish hue. It is generally a short display only lasting a few weeks before the trees lose their finery, the leaves falling to form a brown carpet which cracks and rustles beneath our feet.

A sunset cycling ride on the promenade of Lancashire resort, Blackpool on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

A distinctly English sunset

Nature has produced bioluminescent creatures, fireflies and huge algal blooms of phytoplankton which can colour miles of ocean at various time of the year all over the world.

It is not only the natural world which is saturated, man has not only embraced colour but in some circumstances enhanced it.

Spices and incense are not only aromatic; their fragrances are possibly surpassed by the range of colour they provide. Markets and souksattract travellers from all over the world, the hustle and bustle and the promise of a bargain but often we follow our noses food cooking or other aromas drifting on a breeze. Inevitably they usually lead us to a small stall where all manner of spices are gathered together, saffron, cumin, oregano, paprika and cinnamon are just a few. The range of colours associated with them seems almost limitless, reds, yellows, oranges and even blues; it is these that ultimately please our senses when visiting these exotic locations.

Spice stall in Marrakech, Morocco on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Spice world

It is not only the spice stalls that are dressed to impress however often those selling fruit and vegetables are equally as stunning and are some of my favourites for taking a few pictures.

We have all enjoyed the artistic expression of a painting, the brushstrokes and subtle mix of pastels can produce great emotion in the viewer. We can often just stand and gaze at paintings, marvelling in the detail and fathoming the story of the image.

Arrens-Marsous for the Foire aux cotelettes’ festival on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Fresh chillies for sale

Fruit and vegteable stall at La Flotte on Île de Ré, Charente-Maritime region France on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Marketing fruit and veg

Of course a photograph is a modern form of this expression and many an image has taken our breath away. Regardless of whether it is an expansive landscape or an intense portrait, it is often the shades of colour or shadow which are imperceptible to us that bring the image to life.

ITB Berlin travel trade show and the Honduras stand on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

A stare almost as intense as the colour

We express our artistic nature and celebrate colour in many forms. The glaze that is used to brighten our ceramics, the way we decorate our homes, street art, huge murals on the sides of houses or on the sidewalks, multi-coloured fabrics which we drape over ourselves, the displays of our computers or televisions, exploding fireworks, the colourings we add to our food, even body paint.

Ceramic pottery displayed in and Oman souk in Nizwa on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Colourful ceramics

This world would be a drab place without colour, we need to celebrate it, and our planet is a festival of shade. Not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to enjoy it, therefore those that can should not take it for granted, revel every day in the complex hues in which we are surrounded.

Sunflowers in the French Aveyron near Toulouse on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

A field of sun

Make the most of our saturated world, it is our blessing.

A blanket of cloud in Catalonian La Garrotxa, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Nature’s palette


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  1. John

    Speaking as someone who spent half of his life in the black and dark of the coal mines and is now trying to spend the rest of his life in the white and light of the Alps, colour isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 😉
    Iain, what I meant to say was; “Great post and pics, thanks for sharing!”.

  2. Nancy

    Stunning photos! The colors are so rich and varied. My favorites are: Spice World, the Stare, Ceramics, A Field of Sun and nature’s Palettes. Beautiful . . . Thanks for sharing with us ~

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