Postcard from a Swiss icon; Lucerne Watertower

Lucerne is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities and the water tower is probably its most recognisable and best known landmark. It is also Switzerland’s most photographed.

It is visible from almost everywhere along Lake Lucerne’s shore, day or night whilst walking around the city it just seems to draw attention and camera lenses.

The benign looking stone built tower has a rather chequered past, it has been a treasury, archive, prison and even a torture chamber . Apparently it has never at anytime however stored water, the river it rests in seems to provide the water connection.

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Lucerne’s iconic water tower

Maybe it is just me but it seems especially attractive at night. It appears proud against an ink black sky with the reflected lights like coloured crayons bringing the still Reuss River to life with their vibrance.

It is really quite a simple structure, but during my short stay in lovely Lucerne it was like a constant companion, a friend showing the way, and I hope it is not too long before an old pals reunion can be arranged.

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