Postcard from an Atlantic sunset, La Rochelle

It’s hard to resist posting a sunset image for long and a sailing trip on a catamaran off La Rochelle in the Charente-Maritime region of France is even more tempting.

Sunset over the French Atlantic with a group of friends and some cava before sharing a great seafood platter makes it extra special.

Photographs are digitally captured memories, they can bring back the experience in full, every sight, sound and smell. Just viewing an image can instantly return us to the time and place, recalling the taste of a meal or even the punchline of a joke.

A really great image can also transport the viewer without too much effort to the destination or at least  cause them to want to visit. They can be evocative, capture the imagination, this image does this for me, the fiery sky set against a tranquil sea. Just looking at it I find myself back on the sailing craft enjoying the view and company of good friends.

La Rochelle is a lovely, historic city built around a picturesque harbour, impressive buildings, Romanesque Churches with covered, arched streets. However it is this particular image with little to show but the sea and sky which always transports me back.

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A sunset sail on a catamarrn off La Rochelle in the French Charente-Maritime region on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography iain_mallory_009988

We all love a sunset


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