Postcard from Warsaw Royal Palace

The Royal Palace provides a regal prescence to Plac Zamkowy in the Old Town of Warsaw. This district of the city has been completely reconstructed as an almost exact replica of the original area wihich was destroyed during World War II.

The Palace also known as Zamek which means castle, was the final major landmark to be restored, the work was not commenced until 1971. Wnen the decision to rebuild was made, a campaign was initiated requesting those with old images of the original building to submit them. These assisted the architects in the restoration, ensuring the finished building was a close replica.

Originally home to the Polish monarchy and Parliament it is now a museum containg many original fixing and furnishings.

Hstoric city of Warsaw, Poland on Mallory On Travel

Royal Palace, Old Town

The Old Town is recognised by UNESCO and it is a major tourism attraction within the city. It is a very attractive area but does feel a little surreal surrounded by the contrasting metropolis of modern Warsaw. The buildings appear to be straight out of a Disney set, although lovely also a little hollow and manufactured. This does not mean they are not functional, there are churches, restaurants and bars to spend the evening in after admiring the splendour of the area.

It is testament to the Polish people that this whole place has been so faithfully reconstructed, as far as I am aware it is unique in this respect. Warsaw may also be that rare city that genuinely deserves the  cliché city of contrasts.

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