Postcard from Sunrise in the Sahara Desert

`There are few more evocative destination names than the Sahara Desert, it conjures up so many images and almost defines the romance of travel for many of us.

Even those that have never visited a desert have seen films or televsion, endless miles of towering sand dunes as far as the eye can see, sparse vegetation and without any sign of movement, these are the scenes of deserts we envisage.

Harsh environments where only the very strongest will survive, man or creature all must be at their peak to eke out a living from the sands of time.

In modern times it has become a popular travel destination, nomadic tribes that have survived here for centuries have adapted to  provide tours into the heart of the desert for adventurous travellers.

Berber bivouac and their camels at a Moroccan dawn in the Sahara Desert on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography

Berber bivouac

Staying at a Moroccan Berber camp in the Sahara overnight, enjoying their hospitality, sleeping under a blanket of stars and waking to witness a sunrise that would rival any appeal to our need for adventure. The landscape surrounding this particular camp was rugged and rocky rather than the sweeping dunes of our imagination but it was not any less striking.

Camels are the ideal animal of choice for the tribesmen of the desert, perfectly adapted for moving throughout the terrain. It is also the right choice for modern day tourism, charismatic and matching the romanticism of the desert itself.

We all have our favourite environments, but few can resist the attraction of a desert and maybe the Sahara captures our imagination more than most.

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