Postcard from Reykjavik Viking Ship

This image from Reykjavik long been one of my favourite travel images for a number of reasons. It was one of the first photos taken since turning digital and it was my first trip after deciding to drop out of the ‘rat race’.

Iceland was very high on my list of must visit places, for me it has always symobolised adventure. The name itself conjures up thoughts of epic sagas, with Norse gods, vikings, giants, trolls, elves and other myths. Actually myths just to us, the Icelanders know something we don’t, many believe in their existence.

Travelling through the almost alien looking landscape with huge chasms, active volcanoes, creeping glaciers and geothermal geysers it is easy to imagine scenes of epic battles between men and giants. Visiting places like Þingvellir National Park it could have been taken directly out of a Tolkien fantasy.

It is interesting to hear the misconceptions of generally intelligent people too. One of my university attending friends asked me why I was visiting Iceland in the summer, he actually thought it would be covered in ice! It is actually very green at this time of year, whilst the equally strangely misnamed Greenland is covered in ice the whole year.

Icelandic harbour at Reykjavik on Mallory On Travel

Reykjaviks iconic viking ship

Reykjavik is an attractive city, clean and with a well kempt character, but it is also lively and vibrant, particularly at night when the Icelanders wake up and head out for a drink. Generally not going out until late which is probably a result of the long summer days, they really know how to party and enjoy a drink.

This sculpture in the harbour was discovered on my first exploratory trip around the city and remains one of my abiding memories of both Iceland and Reykjavik. I consider it iconic, a symbol of both.

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  1. Curt

    Nice photo! Funny, I just posted a photo of the same Sun Voyager sculpture on my blog a couple weeks ago. It must be the right time of year to reflect on past trips to Iceland. Cheers!

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