Postcard from Manchester and reflections of War

The Imperial War Museum North at Salford Quays, near Manchester is one of my favourite local attractions. on a day like this one with the sun shining and the reflection in the quays, it makes a lovely scene.

The museum is one of five Imperial War Museums in the United Kingdom, I have only visited two but this one sited on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal is possibly the most attractive. Its design has won several awards.

Salford Quays are a great place to spend the day, located in the heart of one of the great industrial cities of Northern England. Salford is also neighboured by Manchester, arguably the capital of the Northern counties. Both have suffered decline since their peak during the height of the industrial revolution, but have also reinvented themselves in with varying success. Manchester in particular has become a vibrant destination with plenty of nightlife, museums and galleries to entertain visitors of all tastes.

Imperial War Mueseum North at Salford Quays near Manchester, UK on Mallory On Travel

Reflecting on Salford

Apart from the War Museum the quays are also home to MediaCityUK and wonderful The Lowry Centre, which is another great architectural building. It has a theatre and restaurants and nearby there is a shopping mall, cinema and yet more restaurants, if you are visiting the Manchester and Salford area a visit is throoughly recommended.

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