Postcard from Oman; A fishing village

The people of Oman are very friendly and welcoming, they smile readily, happy to stop and help a visitor and even pose for a photograph.

Whilst taking a few pictures of a fisherman mending his net, it was therefore quite surprising and a slightly alarming to spot this piece of graffiti on the wall of the nearby boat shed. The notorious swastika which for most of us depicts evil and a history that we would prefer remains firmly in our past. It seemed totally out of place here and totally at odds with the friendly nature of the people.

It is probably the ‘artwork’ of relatively young people that sometimes have a morbid fascination with such things but I was surprised that it had not been removed immediately it had appeared.

Seeb near Muscat, Oman a small fishing town on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain-Mallory-182.jpg fishing_boat

Unexpected graffiti in the boat sheds

The little boat in the foreground is used by the local fisherman to catch sardines in nets. These are then used for bait on longlines that can stretch for miles hoping to catch the bigger fish that will feed families and provide an income to purchase staples like fruit and vegetables and possibly a few luxuries.

Catching fish in this traditional manner is a fulltime occupation in the town of Seeb near Muscat. When not actually at sea, nets, lines and boats need to be maintained and repaired.

Fortunately in common with most peopl in Oman, the fishermen were still willing to take a few moments out to chat with travellers. They posed for some pictures and seemed  completely oblivious to the sinister graffiti crudely daubed on the nearby wall.

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      I agrree Samuel although the insignia is a little disturbing the image would have not have been worth posting without the graffiti on the wall. Thanks.

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