Postcard from Ile de Ré, beach bouys and beacons

Île de Ré is a picturesque little island popular with Parisians looking for a quiet break from the romantic city. This has to be a great recommendation and a few hours here and it is easy to understand the reason why.

Maybe it was the time of year that I visited but September provided generally pleasant weather, few other visitors and plenty to see and do.

The small towns and villages of Île de Ré are picturesque, the narrow streets are lined with small, attractive white houses, most with green shutters. Beaches such as this one is ideal for long walks, maybe activities such as sand yachting or kite-surfing or just lazing around and soaking up the ‘pace’ of the island.

A browse around the market stalls of La Flotte should not be missed with a large choice of cured meats, a wide selection of wines, tempting cakes, and fresh fruit and vegetables. I defy anybody to come away without making any purchase and it is ideal for finding the ingredients for a perfect beachside picnic.

The lighthouse on Île de Ré, Poitou-Charentes in France on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography

Bouy that’s some beach

This trip to the Charente-Maritime region was combined with a visit to nearby La Rochelle and felt like the ideal combination of city and leisurely break. La Rochelle has plenty of history and great places to visit such as the fantastic aquarium, marina and harbour. There are dozens of excellent restaurants and bars to enjoy the local cuisine and a glass of almost mandatory wine or the local speciality aperitif Pineau des Charentes.

After a few days of city life a visit to Île de Ré will provide the perfect antidote. It is a chance to slow down, enjoy some pleasant walks or bike rides and finish each day with a tasty meal at a seafood resataurant. The oysters are especially good.

This is one of my favourite images from a few days on Île de Ré. The beach was where sometime had been spent sand yachting and was strewn with these bouys. The lighthouse dominated the horizon and certainly seemed worthy of a few photos, it also seems to adequately portray the peace and solitude of the destination.

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I was the grateful guest of Poitou-Charentes Tourism however this is my own perspective of the region.


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