Postcard from Najac; a French ‘beautiful village’

There is something special about the villages of France, many are so lovely they are included on an actual list of France’s most beautiful villages. Maybe only France could have an  AssociationLes Plus Beaux Villages de Francebut just visit a few and it is becomes obvious they have plenty to shout about.

Najac in the Aveyron is a perfect example, though not one of the best known on the list it exemplifies everything that a lovely little village should. Pretty houses and even its own mystical looking castle. This dominates the skyline of the village, towering over the single street which runs through the small town and can be seen from almost every viewpoint.

The village sits on the top of a ridge which requires a drive up a steep road to reach it, parking in the market square ‘Place du Faubourg’ and then taking a short stroll around this lovely little village. Those feeling a little more energetic can stop at the Avenue de la Gare and take a walk up he hill however some refreshment may become necessary. A stop at one of the pleasant cafes with terraces providing great views of the surrounding Aveyron countryside is recommended.

Najac Castle in the French Midi-Pyrenees


The single street is lined with quaint houses many covered with lovely flowers providing a splash of colour against the timber and local stonework. There are several other attractions worth a visit, Seneschal’s house, the Governors chateau and  the church of Saint Jean which was built as a punishment by the villagers for their support of the Cathars.

It would be a shame to not visit the castle apart from its history the views of the surrounding Aveyron countryside are worth the effort.

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  1. Laurence

    Living in France I have come to notice that it’s very hard to find an ugly French village! They are all so lovely (well, in the areas I’ve explored anyway). Lovely sunset photo 🙂

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  2. Lucie

    This is a very nice picture, it’s funny I grew up in France but did not realize how beautiful small villages are. Apparently, Aveyron is a very nice region in general.

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