Postcard from The Acropolis, Athens

Sunrise in Athens and although the Aegean is hidden from sight in this image the view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon on top provide an impressive enough vista for breakfast.

The Athenian Acropolis also known as the Citadel of Athens is surely the best known in the world and known simply as ‘The Acropolis’.

The Parthenon is the Temple of Athena dedicated to the patron goddess. It is considered one of Greece’s greatest treasures and the world’s most important cultural monuments.

The city of Athens and its ancient ruins

Sunrise over Athens

Today it attracts visitors from all around the world, strolling in wonder through the enduring remnants of ancient Greece and attempting to ignore the intrusive but necessary scaffolding. Greece is currently in economic crisis and it may become required to ‘rent out’ some of its treasures of antiquity. There is even suggestion that some islands would need to be sold such as Crete!

This would be a travesty in my opinion, every nation should be able to own outright its own heritage, and it is hard to imagine the effect on any of the inhabited islands being sold off.

Whatever happens The Acropolis will always be a symbol of Greece and I hope to see many more sunrises like this one over this famous monument.

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  1. Cherina | Quiet Wanderings

    I didn’t realise there was talk of selling some of the islands!! How awful. I have been to Greece several time and am heading back there in May. Am wondering how much will have obviously changed with the economic crisis. Lovely photo of the Acropolis, Iain!

    1. Post

      I am glad you like the photo Cherina. The EU is putting some pressure on them to do so, I think it is germany that are driving it as they will almost certainly be forced to spend the most to bale Greece out of its current situation and apparently believe the country should make some reparations too.

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