Postcard from Hot Air Ballooning in the Catalan

An’air chariot’ maybe a flowery poetic description but hot air ballooning is a dream for many and it seems to describe the experience perfectly for me.  Realising the dream over the beautiful landscape of extinct mountains in Catalanmade it extra special.

There was a chilled morning mist draping the base of the valleys, this slowly began to creep away presenting a hazy view of the surrounding hills. Our basketful of travel addicts was like an excited bunch of children riding the air currents over the forty volcanoes in the region for nearly ninety minutes.

As the haze lifted and the air became crisp and the views clear and bright, it was breath taking, a magical time which was over all too quickly.

Hot air ballooning in Girona, Spain

Stunning sunrise from a balloon

The sounds of everyday life beginning as the World below us began to awaken drifting up to us as if we were right in the midst of it all. The only other sounds were the constant whirr and click of the cameras as lenses were swung around searching for yet another amazing scene to capture.

This was the only disturbance to our moment of reverie, tranquillity epitomised in our chariot in the sky.

A very special time in an equally special place the Spanish Pyrénées!

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