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P^cubed Adventure Traveler Pants on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography

P^cubed Adventure Traveler Pants Photo courtesy of Clothing Arts

Innovative is probably not a word normally associated with a pair of trousers except maybe in the fashion world. The P^Cubed Travel Pants manufactured by Clothing Arts however certainly deserve this description with many features which will not be found on any other similar product. To prove it several are patented, another word not usually associated with pants!

I have had my pair of Adventure Traveler Pants for several months now; they have been thoroughly tested on a number of trips abroad. They are now my favourite travel pants and are one of the first items to be packed for any journey.

They are made of a combination of nylon and cotton-canvas and feel comfortable like heavyweight cotton. Receiving a severe testing, having been climbed and hiked in and have coped admirably. They are extemely tough and will last years of abuse. In conditions that are especially hot or humid the heavyweight material maybe a little warm, however I have been unable to test this so far. They do produce shorts too, so they are likely to be the pants of choice in these conditions.

The security of these pants is unsurpassed with double zips on the wallet pocket, over pocket flaps and multiple fastenings on the useful cargo pockets. Expandable pockets enable them to carry a guidebook and there is even a water bottle attachment.

Hidden pocket in the P'cubed travel pants on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography

Hidden pocket Photo courtesy of Clothing Arts

The double zips on the wallet pocket can be a little fiddly both to find and remove the wallet from the pocket. More importantly however so will a thief.

Expandable guidebook pocket in the P^cubed Adventure Traveler Pants on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography

Photo courtesy of Clothing Arts

They are resistant against a light shower and apparently also shed stains easily, but excuse me for not actually testing that final feature. The material is slightly heavier than average and that may limit their desirability for lightweight backpackers.

Clothing Arts is a company with which I have only recently become familiar, producing just several quality products. In time they will almost certainly expand their range to hopefully include some more lightweight materials providing more versatile travel options.

These pants are thoroughly recommended, they are purpose built to travel and will be a valuable addition to any traveller’s wardrobe or backpack.


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