Travel; Aphrodisiac or Contraceptive?

Travel to Sharm el Sheik near the Old market in the Asian region of Egypt on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Are you sure you want to go to the market?

Did this title get you intrigued, wondering what could it be about? After all travelling to a remote or exciting place is sure to include some romance, very special and an experience which won’t be forgotten. Whilst the latter will almost certainly be true, romance may not be the certainty initially anticipated.

Having travelled to a far off exotic and secluded island, you enjoy a sumptuous banquet meal whilst sipping mojitos and watching the most magical sunset with your special someone. A tender barefoot walk through breaking waves along a palm tree-lined silver beach later you return to the room for a nightcap. Leaving your partner to finish off the bottle of wine so you can change into something more suitable, you return to find them collapsed and snoring on the bed!

Sound familiar, happened to you? We often travel away to romantic locations with high expectations, but how often do we come back disappointed and disillusioned by the lack of real romance?

Romantic failures

 There are a few possible reasons for these romantic failures it might be worth exploring just a few of the common ones:

Alcoholic bliss

Relaxing and enjoying a drink is often part of the travel experience, spending time at the bar making new friends or a quiet few drinks with your partner, most of us enjoy a little libation. Having a couple of drinks usually relaxes us and often the catalyst to plenty of sexual gymnastics but it can also be disastrous for any romantic plans.

‘Brewer’s droop’ may not necessarily be the cause; it is just one possible result, more likely one or both will just fall asleep.  A drunken fumble with a partner in an exotic location is often no less of a major fail than maybe in the back of a cramped car near home.

Travel to the Mohammed Mosque in Cairo, Egypt on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Getting out to see the sights

Personal injury

 Any form of accident cannot just spell the end of any romantic plans we had but completely ruin a trip. Spending several days in hospital or laid up in bed is probably not on anybody’s planned itinerary.

Taking a week or two touring a European or American city is unlikely to present any greater risk than our own neighbourhoods. However more people are taking active holidays or participating in ‘high risk’ excursions or activities which greatly increase the chances of an accident.

Getting all hot and bothered whilst wearing a full-leg cast will certainly provide some fun, is ambitious and it is likely will provide a few laughs too, but hardly the height of romance.

For the very adventurous who also like a drink there is often the additional risk of falling off a bar or table whilst enjoying their favourite tipple!

So much to do, so little sex

A holiday or vacation that only lasts a week or two often has a packed itinerary, so much to do and so little time. Everybody is eager to make the most of their time away, and whilst many are happy to just relax by the poolside and enjoy the nightlife others have a trip jam-packed with activities.

Early morning starts for day long excursions, a full day sight-seeing around the local town, snorkelling, touring with the hire car, camel, quad bike, snowcat or jet ski riding, museum or gallery tours, not to mention a little retail therapy all place pressure on our limited time. No wonder sometimes our between the sheets procreation time can suffer on a trip.

A group of travel friends in Calvi in Corsica, France on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Getting friendly

 New friends

 One of the great pleasures of travelling is meeting new friends, either other tourists or the locals. It is great being able to share a table for dinner, have a few drinks together or share a taxi fare when visiting a nearby town. However sometimes they can also add greater pressure to your already busy itinerary, making further suggestions to stretch the itinerary. Often it is difficult to decline the offer to join new-found friends for concern that they might be offended.

I am sure most of us can also relate to the situation where a planned evening relaxing has turned into a late night out at the suggestion of people we have met on the road. Romance fail!

I just hope nobody has been unfortunate enough that their partner was more attracted to the new friends that would really put a downer on any trip, possibly the trip from hell!


 This is not the same time as the one there is not enough of, this is the time that the couple have spent together as an item. A couple that have only been together a short period will almost certainly still be equally keen to explore each other as the local sights, often foregoing the latter, preferring a little ‘sack’ time.

In most cases those that have been a couple for sometime will spend more time out of their room than in it.

Italian, French and English tri-nations commaraderie in Calvi, Corsica, France Copyright © by Mallory On Travel adventure photography

Great company and a little romance

Plain decency

Staying in the dormitory of a hostel is usually  cheap but is hardly conducive to a healthy sex life. It maybe possible to grab a ‘quickie’ mid-afternoon when the rest of the room are out, even possibly risking it if those dorm mates appear to be sleeping.

Unfortunately we have all probably witnessed those that actually seem to enjoy keeping the rest of the dormitory awake with their late night post drinking session antics but most decent people do not have such thick skin. We really do not want to hear the exaggerated moaning and screams of “Yes, Yes!”

Get a room!” This isn’t “When Harry met Sally!”

Bottom line

Conclusion, is travelling an aphrodisiac or really a contraceptive? Those reading carefully will have realised something awhile ago, like most things in life it is attitude that makes the difference.

It is of course possible to enjoy both, most do, especially experienced travellers on an extended trip, who have learnt how to use their time wisely and make the most of their travelling and free time..

The bottom line is enjoy your travels, enjoy each other’s company and the rest will follow naturally.


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  1. Greg Goodman

    Well I must say, “it’s funny because it’s true!” Can’t count how many times the lure of sleep and an early-morning bus ride has killed the mojonation of sexation! It’s especially bad traveling with a partner for an extended period of time. As sexy as post-hike and bucket bath sex may be….

    1. Post

      Thanks Greg glad it struck a chord and at least somebody understands the frustration of not fulfilling those carnal desires often enough when travelling 😉

  2. Toni

    Well, I think you know by now that I had a few ‘private parties’ on my travels *ahem* but I actually turned down a few as well because of 4am wake-up calls etc or just too tired from the day so I can see this from both sides. As you say, it’s entirely up to you and what you feel at the time…your ‘entertainment’ along the way is entirely up to you =)

    1. Post

      Don’t tell me you have used the “I’ve got a headache” excuse Toni? ah even better as Erik just cleared it up I am sure “sorry I am a nun” is much more effective!

      1. Toni

        Damn – I think my reputation precedes me lol. And ‘I have a headache?’ Puh-lease…I was a little more adventurous with my excuses…I’m going kayaking (true), I’m not drunk enough (kind of true…he wasn’t that good looking) and ‘I have a flight to catch’ – total lie; he was just ugle and wouldn’t leave me alone =D

        1. Post

          Reputation Toni …… well the fact you have taken until a post with THIS title to comment says it all i think :p same goes for Erik (I think)

          1. Toni

            I think you’ll find my words have been on here more than once Mr Mallory :p But yes, posts like this will always get me talking haha

    1. Post
    1. Post

      You have hit the nail on the head Lisa make time and it will all work out swimmingly, cool too cliches in one reply 😉 Thank you for commenting

  3. Sherry

    I remember not too long ago I was commenting on your post about how travel is better than sex. Such a humorous post that it can only be true. But I still think that sex and travel compliments each other. If nothing else, the thrill and excitement of travel only heightens the libido; if not the actual act itself.

    1. Post

      I see Sherry what does that say about you that you keep commenting on my sex related posts ……. then again what does it say about me I keep posting sex related …. oh never mind lets not dwell! I like the way you think though, do you have a boyfriend 😉 LOL only kidding no need to answer that!

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