Symptoms of the Incurable Adventurer

If you can answer yes to just a few of these, you might want to take a seat and a deep breath, you are an adventurer. There is not any cure so unless you can find a local therapy group best just accept your fate and get out there and enjoy the adventure:

Adventurer takes the plunge on a bungee jump in the French Aveyron on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Bungee jumpers love adventure

1.  Your Sunday best shoes have a ‘Vibram’ sole.

2.  The tribal elder of the Kombai tribe in Papua New Guinea is your blood brother.

3.  It took over a year to find a travel insurance company to accept you and the premiums are more expensive than your mortgage.

4.  You feel more comfortable sleeping on a roll mat on the floor (or hammock) and don’t even have a bed at home.

5.  You can tie a tautline knot blindfolded in under one second but cannot do up a necktie if you actually owned one.

Adventurer high on a rockface in the Aveyron, France on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Adrenaline junkies high in the Tarn Gorge, France

6.  Lowe Alpine has less backpacks than you do.

7.  You have a matchbook collection from the most isolated hostels on the planet but you can make fire with two twigs and a piece of string.

8.  You have had more broken bones than the Smithsonian.

9. It is probable you have jumped out of more planes than you have landed in.

10.  Bars are a favourite haunt, but falling off them is an occupational hazard.

11.  Sir Ranulph Fiennes has you on speed-dial.

12.  You can build a shelter out of crisp (chip) bags and Nutella but don’t eat either.

13.  You have eaten horsemeat in as many countries as you have ridden a horse.

14. Too level headed to have a god complex but you can survive in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights.

15.  At least two tattoos you have were completed whilst you were drunk, but nobody has seen them apart from the occasional partner

16.  Drugs are not part of your vocabulary but you have spent several nights in a hallucinogenic trance in an Amazonian village.

17. You’ve never been in a supermarket, preferring to use deadfalls and snares for your meat requirements and string underwear nets to catch fish.

18. The word fear is also missing from your limited vocabulary though the thought of settling down will bring out a fever like cold sweat.

This is a tongue-in-cheek list however do they describe you, are you an adventurer? Do you have any suggestions of your own?


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      We’ll let you off with that one then Lisa close enough, so that’s three reckon that definitely puts you in the adventurer class 🙂

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      Interesting Caitlin just wondering how many horses you have ridden now, in which coutries and if you ate the actual horse you were riding?

  1. Sherry

    Ha! I got lots to look forward to, don’t I? I’ve gotten #4 & #10 checked off. Though I’m not sure they are a direct result of adventuring. Hmmm?

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  2. Toni

    Well I could probably make the shelter but I’m pretty sure I would have eaten my way out of it by morning =) And I’m sorry, did you just say that Sir Ranulph Fiennes has you on speed dial?????? You are clearly god =D

    1. Post

      Well that is two fo the first requirements of survival sorted out then Toni; shelter and food! Ralph wishes he had me on speed dial, I refused to give him my number!

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