Storholt Youth Hostel – Akureyri, Iceland

This hostel was really a very pleasant surprise, not at all like the typical image of a youth hostel.   A pretty little building on the outskirts of the Akureyri, Iceland it has excellent facilities, kept very clean and a looked after by a friendly management couple.

 Storholt Hostel, Akureyri, Iceland on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Storholt Hostel, Akureyri

I was dropped off by the bus at the ‘bus terminal’ and then had to walk back fifteen minutes to the hostel, slightly irritating but my mistake.  Sat there already was another more mature and much wiser passenger and guest who had got off the bus earlier; he had already checked in and was sitting outside looking smug when I arrived lugging my pack! There is also a good sized car park for those choosing to  travel by car.

The welcome from the manager was pretty cool, informative and efficient without boring me to tears with unnecessary rubbish. Check in was therefore quick and painless, and he offered me a number of discount slips to use at various restaurants and on the whaling trips out of Husavik.  I took some of these and it saved me over a thousand kronos on a whale watching trip the next day, so well worth it. The male manager in particular was very helpful and informative, prepared to offer advice when requested on weather conditions and seemingly any number of subjects. I was issued keys to the entrance and my room.

 Dormitory in the Storholt Hostel, Akureyri, Iceland on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Simple hostel accommodation

Removal of footwear is required on entering and it is then left in the entrance area, so was really pleased I was wearing clean socks! There are also chairs and sofas situated in the entrance areas, which are very comfortable for chilling out, after you have struggled to remove your well worn boots from aching feet.

The facilities although shared are pretty good, there are comfortable hot showers and clean toilets. There were quite a few other people staying there, although some probably had ensuite facilities; there was not any waiting time for either of these facilities.  Fresh, clean towels are always available for use; the management team must spend much of the day changing these regularly. There are a couple of internet computers and if you have your own, the password for wireless access is available from reception.

I shared the room with three other people, although there were also two other unused beds. In common with all the other facilities, the room was clean and comfortable.  There was even a large screen television! Table lamps, small bedside tables and a few desks are l

 Storholt Hostel, Akureyri, Iceland on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Anything good on television?

ocated at suitable places. There was a shortage of plug sockets however, and if the room had been fully occupied with other Inspector Gadgets like me then it would have posed a real problem.

There are also some communal facilities a great kitchen and dining area, the lounge is even better with a good choice of books if you’ve finished your own!

This hostel was actually an improvement on the guesthouse I’m staying at in Reykjavik and that is perfectly fine, there are not any complaints about there either. If I return to Iceland to explore the remainder of the country, then I will definitely book a few extra nights here. It is highly recommended!


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