The Fish Hotel – Buttermere, English Lake District

This lovely traditional pub/restaurant is one of two in the village of Buttermere, in the Lake District. Both are well respected and there probably is not a lot to choose between them, but I opted for the Fish Hotel and certainly pleased about that decision!

The licensees are a mature couple and listening to them speak to the locals and reading between the lines it is obvious they have been there for many years.  The lady was more prominent during my visit and spent most of her time mixing with her guests either by the bar or joining them momentarily at their tables, a top hostess.

The decor is traditional and a bit quirky with some fairly unique pictures hanging on the walls.  The waitresses were both Chinese, which intrigued me a little, I am not really sure why, I just wondered where they appeared from, there were also two guys serving behind the bar, both seemingly knowledgeable about their products, friendly and helpful to all, and happy to recommend when prompted.

The menu is quite small, but has some extremely tempting options.  The fresh trout which was served at another table looked truly fantastic, and if I had not been treated to an unexpected brown trout dinner the previous night it probably would have been my choice.  In the end I opted for the ‘special’ steak pie, which was equally great, my only regret; did not ask for chips instead of the new potatoes.

A couple of huge and very tempting meringue desserts being brought out, very tempting, but I chose the cheese and biscuits for afters, and can honestly say it was probably the best selection ever in any restaurant or pub.  The food was also excellent value, so no complaints there either, trying a glass of the house cabernet shiraz a try and this was perfectly acceptable too. The bartender however could not find a large glass for me, several points and a few quid lost there then!

There is a good choice of traditional cask conditioned ales if these are your ‘thing’ but the Guinness was pretty good too, and more to my taste.  In addition they have a wide selection of single malt whiskeys on offer and on another occasion these might have been equally tempting.

It was a Monday night but there was a ‘buzz’ about the place with plenty of guests, some local and obviously quite a few who like me were either staying in the village or somewhere nearby.  The staff all seemed very competent and waiting time was kept to a minimum regardless of whether you were a local or visitor.

As the name suggests it also has accommodation, but my accommodation for the night was a tent so unable to comment on this. If it is to the same standard as the food however it is doubtful if anybody will have genuine cause for serious complaint.

Drop in next time you are in the Lake District locale, you may just decide to make it your local!

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Fish Hotel in Buttermere


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