Travel; Better Than Sex?

Travel, better than sex, that’s bound to have my friends who may read this, thinking I have totally lost it . As for my partner, well probably best I steer her away from reading this little piece. She may take it as a personal critique on her, and I kind of prefer eating my dinner and not the dog enjoying it!

I assume you are all aware of what it is you enjoy about sex, so I will concentrate on what makes travel so addictive and exciting. Why do we travel? Several years ago there was a bogus advertisement which ‘spoofed’ the Army Careers Office version, it went a little like this;

“Be Frank, join the Army, visit exciting, unusual and far-flung places, see strange and exotic people and be less than pleasant to them!” (You get the idea).

Kendal Torchlight Festival Copyright © by Mallory On Travel adventure, photography

Festivals are cool

Hopefully of course unless you are auditioning for the part of an ‘unsub’ on the next series of ‘Criminal Minds’ this does not describe anybody’s personal reasons for travelling!

It seems this needs great consideration. There are of course the obvious reasons, time away from the daily grind of work, relaxation, sightseeing and sun as well as the opportunity to spend some quality time with the family, connecting with the rapidly growing children.

In truth though, most of this maybe achieved much closer to home. There is not any need to travel far, take a week or two off work, put the feet up around the house and take a few day trips to the seaside or local beauty spots almost on your own doorstep. Alternatively a holiday maybe taken in one of the many worthwhile places to visit in your own, state or country, take the car and be there within a few hours taking all manner of ‘luxuries’. It is usually convenient, stress free and provides all the comfort and relaxation that could ever need.

Unlimited travel reasons

What reasons do we have for choosing to travel, what makes it worthwhile? It can often be stressful, booking the holiday, deciding on where to go and which hotel to stay in. Hard-earned cash risked in the ‘popular’ resorts of Europe, or the more exotic locations further afield. Adventurous travellers often spend more than two days of this valuable holiday time, travelling to and from the chosen destination in the cramped cabin of a jumbo jet, the miracle of the aviation industry. Even when travelling to these long-haul destinations children are often taken, even young ones that cannot comprehend why they cannot move around and why they are wasting so much time confined to a flying prison. To their parent’s embarrassment and irritation of fellow passengers this frustration is often known vented by boisterous children.

Kasbah at Quazzarate on the edge of the Moroccan Sahara on Mallory On Travel adventure, travel, photography

Kasbah at Quazzarate

Some parents undoubtedly feel they are adding to their children’s education, expanding their horizons. Travel from a young age provides them with greater insight and understanding of the world where they live, enabling them to grow into more ‘rounded’ and world-wise individuals. This may for them be good enough reason in itself for them to make these long trips with their families half way around the world. In some cases they maybe even compensating for their own lack of opportunities to travel as a child, giving their own offspring something their parents had been unable to do for them.

There are of course more practical reasons for travelling, work is an obvious reason, but additionally many people now have close relatives and friends that have emigrated abroad. Visiting them give many of us ample reason to make long journeys either by ourselves or with families.

Logistic difficulties aside

These journeys can in themselves prove a logistical nightmare, anybody in any doubt about that should ask any couple that have taken their two or three young children from their suburban semi-detached on a twenty hour plus flight to some distant land! First there is the packing, ensuring everybody has enough suitable clothing, toiletries, the correct factor sun lotion, sufficient nappies/diapers and batteries for the countless but essential gadgets needed for comfort and keeping the children entertained. Transportation to the airport, and check-in once they eventually arrive there, and this is all before they even board the plane! Travel with kids is an art.

Bastia airport in Corsica on Mallory On Travel adventure, photography

Airports a necessary evil of travel

Is this sounding better than sex then? Stick with it, unless of course you have a secret liaison planned! Do not worry this should still be here when you return.

Fortunately there are many reputable companies offering package holidays that take much of this stress away from the travellers. They will make all the arrangements, they cannot pack for you, more is the pity, but they can take care of most of the rest, leaving the traveller to enjoy the journey and holiday with the minimum of fuss. The travel industry is a very competitive market today, the chances of a bad holiday experience due to poor hotels or service are vastly reduced, and poor operators would not last long in the current financial climate.

Travel icons

What other reasons are there for travelling? It maybe to visit a place of historical or cultural importance, or a place of great natural beauty. To see the A-list of world sites; the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, the Amazon rainforest, Niagara Falls, the list is only limited by the knowledge and ambition of the person.

Our holidays maybe as active or as relaxing as we want, relaxation is for many of course just what the break is all about, spending time catching the sun by the pool, eating out in the evening and taking the occasional excursion so they can say they ‘saw’ the sights. The epitome of this is the all-inclusive holiday, where many ‘travellers’ rarely if ever even leave the resort. Conversely there is a rapidly growing number of travellers that want to do much more with their holiday time. Trekking in Nepal, wildlife watching in the Antarctic, Costa Rica, on safari in Kenya, backpacking across Europe, the Americas, and Australasia or even round the World. Additionally there are those that a two-week annual holiday is not enough, taking extended trips of six months or even longer, often giving up work to do so. These ‘gap’ year travellers intend to experience as much as they can in one single trip, usually taking in several continents, many countries, dozens of cities and several ‘must see’ sights. For them ‘immersing’ themselves into the culture is often cited as necessary to the journey, which they often view as an almost spiritual experience; modern-day pilgrims.

The truth is the reasons for travelling are purely personal, there are almost as many reasons for wanting to travel as there are destinations to go to. How many of us have wanted to visit a destination because we saw it on television, or read about it in a magazine, maybe even as a child and have dreamed of the chance to visit one day?

The planet is also under threat, everybody is aware that some of the more fragile environments are diminishing and that the opportunities to see some of these rapidly disappearing habitats are disappearing almost as quickly. This means that travellers often feel that they have a list of destinations to visit which they perceive as somewhat time limited.

Nature puts on the best shows

Taking the opportunity to witness one of Mother Nature’s spectacular shows gives many of us a reason to start packing our battered and well-travelled suitcase, Mount Etna on Sicily, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States, and whole patches of Iceland. There are also many more which are a little more subtle but no less impressive, Autumnal colour in New England, United States, migrating wildebeest in the Masai-Mara, or the flooding of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the revolution rollercoaster on Mallory On Travel adventure, photography

Families enjoying a theme park

Everybody enjoys a party, arriving in town in time for the greatest festivals on earth, participating in the best party around sounds like a reason many might choose to travel. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Mardi Gras in New Orléans, or the running of the bulls, Pamplona, Spain. Celebrating New Year is a huge attraction in many of the major cities of the World, including the Chinese New Year. There are also religious festivals which of course generate great interest for many, all the major religions have their own periods of celebration, obvious places to visit to fully experience these include Rome and St Peters Square in particular, Calcutta for festivals on the Ganges and Lourdes, France.

These are all excellent reasons to choose to travel, to spend time looking through guidebooks and travel magazines constantly researching the next big trip. Saving hard to enable travel to the most exotic and far-flung destinations. It sometimes seems that the more unusual the destination, the more it may enhance a reputation as savvy world travellers the more prepared they maybe to accept a few inconveniences to make the journey.

Conclusive proof?

So back to the title question, sex or travel, made your mind up yet? Let me give you some pros and cons to help you make up your mind; it is usually less messy, but possibly more stressful, expenses; jury is out as some have some high maintenance partners! Holidays usually last longer, if they don’t you are in the wrong job, trust me. Solo travelling is more enjoyable than solo sex. You can show your parents the photographs from your travels, well most of them. You can enjoy sex whilst you travel, you can also travel whilst enjoying sex but be careful of the cabin crew!

Which do I prefer? Not going there! Travelling is in my blood however, I have a wanderlust and it is definitely the best thing I can do with my clothes on ………….. well I do have them on most of the time!

Okay so now it is your turn, what are your reasons for travelling and which gives you the most pleasure? I look forward to reading your comments with great interest.

Formula One flag bearers at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, Catalonia in Spain on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Flying the flag for ummm travel


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  1. AllyToullec

    I think my mind is made up. Travel. if I had to choose I would hate the idea that I could never go back to some places I ve seen or discover more that I want to see. I could not give up the sea, diving or sailing. It might means that I will finish an old spinster haha. But an old spinster at the top of the Himalaya or something!

    1. Post

      Cool you might be the only person that I have spoken to that has actually opted to go for travel. I understand your point of view completely there is so much to see and experience in the World and missing out would be awful. I have a feeling there is not any danger you will end up a spinster, you have too much of an adventurous and attractive spirit. There is always the possibility of the occasional romantic liaison during any travels anyway.

  2. AllyToullec

    Really? The only person? I did not have to think a second! I broke up with my boyfriend so I could move back home to save money to go back travelling in decembe, no regrets whatsoever. Nothing is worth the feeling you get when you travel. And yes travelling offers all sorts of possibility of romantic liaisons haha!

    1. Post
  3. Jessica

    I would choose travel as well – though don’t tell my fiancé! I just couldn’t imagine never seeing the incredible physical beauty of the world, or missing out the delights (and challenges) of foreign cultures. As important as sex is, I think travel enhances a person’s life in ways that are distinct and unparalleled!

    1. Post

      Your secret is safe with me! I hear you all the way there is so much to see and do in the World it is hard to imagine missing out on all of those fulfilling experiences that help us grow as people. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Sherry

    I think you get a different high from travel as you would from sex and they are probably incomparable because the results and purpose for each are not the same. Can’t one like both equally, but in different ways?

    The most pleasure I get from traveling is when I am wrong about something. It kind of sounds like a paradox, since I hate to be wrong, but in terms of travel, the surprises are much better for me than what I would have expected. Which is partially my reasons for traveling – to find and explore what I do not understand and see in my everyday life.

    1. Post

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Sherry, and there is not any reason why we can’t enjoy both, I know I do!

      I think that I fully understand what you mean about being wrong, personally having a preconception of a destination that it may not be totally great which is then proved wrong is one of the reasons I personally travel. Pleasant surprises are always very welcome.

    1. Post

      I’ll go along with that Don travel is always better with a little sex ….. or a lot and sex is also often better in a cool exotic location

  5. jade

    Ohh… I don’t know which I would pick- thankfully I don’t have to choose one or the other! I will say, that traveling is also in my blood… I can’t not do it!

    1. Post
  6. Christina Baita

    You’re right, you shouldn’t have to choose. Why can’t you have sex while traveling. Of course, to my husbands dismay, I think that I would rather travel. I don’t want to spend any more time in the room than i have to and I don’t want to spend any more time at home that I have to either. I would rather be walking the alley ways in Europe checking out the architecture and a great little known restaurant to enjoy some local cuisine. There’s more to see and do in this world than I may ever be able to get to so I don’t want to waste a minute. Not that sex is a waste of course!

    1. Post

      Glad you don’t think sex is a total waste of time Christina but the main thing is you travel on your own terms, shame about hubby though …. sure he manages

      1. Christina Baita

        I never meant to imply that traveling is more important than my husband! We never have that much time while traveling and often have a young child with us. Since there is not a lot of time to see what we traveled to see and is not always just about us, we find other times to enjoy each others personal company! I do love my husband so please don’t turn that into something it’s not. Like I said, why can’t you do both?

        1. Post

          My apologies Christina if you thought I was implying anything about the importance of your relationship, never meant anything of the sort. I was teasing just a little, but have no doubt that you and your husband enjoy your travels together completely 🙂 and of course you can have both, we all can!

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