Ten Sure Signs You Are a Serial Traveller

You know you are a traveller when:

1. One of your friends retires after selling their collection of your postcards on Ebay.

2. Your Mum has to look at family photographs to remind herself what you look like.

3. Your wardrobe resembles a World indigenous crafts stall, with ponchos, djellabas, shamags and shubas.

Egyptian local enjoying a shisha in Sharm el Sheik on Mallory on Travel, adventure, photography

Sheesha time

4. Your passport is always full long before it expires, requiring an application for an extension!

5. Your money jar is full of foreign coinage.

6. You can say hello, thank you and ask for a beer in at least half a dozen different languages.

7. When purchasing a new laptop the first question you ask the salesperson is “how much does it weigh?”

8. Your friends take it in turns to host ‘going away’ and ‘welcome home’ parties for you.

9. You bought a 2TB hard drive last month and it is already full of images of mountains, beaches and sunsets.

10. Most of your friends use your twitter pseudonym instead of your actual name.

What do you think, have I missed any please add your own, there are surely plenty more!


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    1. Post

      Funny you say that Cailin as soon as my stuff has been washed it is all repacked ready to go again, maybe I am a traveller after all.

  1. Runaway Brit

    When your parents address is on your bank statements, driving licence and any other important documents and when your dad deals with all the annoying phone calls from the student loans company 🙂

    1. Post

      Yes they definitely sound like they qualify you as a lost soul destined to roam the planet as long as you live 😉 thanks for sharing them

    1. Post

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