An outrigger boat under dynamic skies at sunrise on Sanur Beach, Ubud in Bali, Indonesia on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel Iain Mallory_Indonesia_1389

Postcard from a Dynamic Bali Sunrise

A view like this one is worth getting out of bed early for every day of the week and a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of Ubud, Bali

The streets seem constantly busy, exploding into life early each day, congested with cars and an armada of scooters that weave their way through the traffic long before the average tourist begins to stir. Vehicles seem to pulse through traffic light intersections throughout the day and well into the evening as the first waves of party goers take to the streets.

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Arriving at Sanur Beach to discover it peaceful, almost empty, allowed time to pause and just savour the moment. Enjoying the scene as it unfolded, the sun starting its slow rise above the horizon

It was not entirely deserted, there were a few other early risers; already several lines of cross-legged tourists up to feel the first rays of the sun, some possibly not been to bed yet. A husband and wife team net fishing team meandered their way across the beach, hopping from pools of water, sweeping up small stranded shoals of fish in each before moving to the next.

Soon after their dripping net left the water, the ripples it created had spread concentrically from the centre, quickly settled. The surface returning to a mirror-like appearance, which perfectly reflected the drama of the Balinese sunrise.

In the distance, solitary figures could be spotted silhouetted against a sky already ablaze with colour, handpicking crustaceans from the pools closest to the shoreline.

An outrigger boat under dynamic skies at sunrise on Sanur Beach, Ubud in Bali, Indonesia on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel Iain Mallory_Bali_1389

Dynamic skies

Individual workers fastidiously cleared away the trash from the previous day, and even more likely the aftermath of last night’s beach party. Maybe a few of the revellers were among the early morning sun worshippers.

Dotted around the beach were several dark, hulking, stationary shapes, as the light of the sun crept over the beach, it began to reveal them, a small fleet of stranded outrigger boats. Taking shape from within the retreating shadows, their detail reflected in surrounding pools of still water.

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I carefully chose which outrigger to concentrate the focus of my lens on, setting up a stable tripod to allow some long exposures, which would capture movement in the cloud filled sky.

The fishing duo discussed fishing in my particular pool, she wanting to take advantage of every opportunity to fish, he understanding my need for still water. They chose to move on, and I smiled my gratitude, appreciating their willingness to work harmoniously with the needs of other early risers. It was only a small pool, it seemed unlikely they’d lose many fish and there would be an opportunity to return after I left.

Outriggers like any vessel are designed to be out at sea, it is their environment, they are ocean going craft. Their unusual shape and flowing lines however, make great, interesting subjects even ashore. Add some vibrant colour and place in contrasting, dramatic shadows and they appear strikingly beautiful.

Set against a fiery, dynamic sky, which glowed a golden yellow, tinged with orange and streaked by brooding, dark clouds skidding directly towards the beach it produced a serene, breath-taking scene.

After such a tranquil start, I was ready for anything, even the busiest, most congested street; so begins a typical day in Bali.


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