Cancelling out the World with Audio-Technica ANC-ATH70 headphones

The world is a wondrous place for exploring; filled with adventure, vibrant colour, fascinating cultures, exciting encounters, intriguing aromas, and hypnotic sounds. Our senses often assailed, sometimes overwhelmed, and cancelling out the surrounding world, finding our own private sanctuary is at times a welcome relief. Step-up the Audio-Technica ANC-ATH70 noise-cancelling headphones.

Audio-Technica ANC-ATH70 QuietPoint® noise-cancelling headphones  Home of Adventure, travel, photography

Hi-tech headwear

Over-the-head phones may not suit every traveller, they are bulkier and heavier than the in-ear style, but personally I find them more comfortable. The small inconvenience of extra size and weight is far outweighed by not having a foreign objects uncomfortably stuffed in my ears for several hours.

These headphones, certainly look the business, stylish, with an expensive, polished, well designed appearance, enabling them to become a fashion accessory for those that prefer their music with a little bling.

More importantly, they work; cutting out almost all discernible outside noise; including the roar of aircraft engines and the bane of every regular flyers life; bawling babies or young kids throwing temper tantrums. Audio-Techinca claim they reduce ambient noise levels by up to 90%, and this seems fairly accurate. The closed-back design of the ANC70 QuietPoint® headphones does seem to shutout the outside world, allowing the wearer to escape all distractions, and listen to their favourite playlist in comfort.

Audio-Technica ANC-ATH70 QuietPoint® noise-cancelling headphones  Home of Adventure, travel, photography

Encased with goodies

I used them extensively when flying, and on the underground, where I fitted in perfectly with the hip music listening crowd of commuters. They’re not especially sociable, as they scream “leave me alone”, therefore not exactly encouraging conversation. That is the idea however, wearing these headphones provides a way to escape from the crowd, when right in the middle of it.

The are a talking point however, as on one trip into the city, they sparked  conversation with another over-the-head wearing headphone aficionado. He admired my accessorising, and was quite complimentary, describing them as “some rad phones dude”. Admittedly I had to check the urban dictionary to make sure he was giving me a good vibe, but enjoyed the inference that by association I was pretty rad too.

Their stylish appearance also works well around the house when pretending to knock out the next studio album for EMI. Unfortunately their noise-cancelling doesn’t extend to sparing the neighbours from my tortured wailing.

Coming provided with a fully detachable 3.5mm cable, which enables the use of a variety of cable lengths, ideal for energetic singing along to X Factor in the lounge. An essential two-pin adaptor is also provided for in-flight entertainment connection.

Priced below high-end models, so with impressive specifications are good value. They are relatively lightweight, folding away into a cool protective case, making them a good choice for travellers. If you really want to look rad though, receiving admiring glances from other travellers, keep them around your neck.

Audio-Technica ANC-ATH70 QuietPoint® noise-cancelling headphones  Home of Adventure, travel, photography

Some rad phones

*The ANC70 QuietPoint® headphones were supplied by a Audio-Technica agent. However all opinions are my own, formed while unable to hear the banging on the wall of my neighbours.


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  1. Heather

    I was skeptical of noise-cancelling headphones. As if they could actually work.
    And then I tried them and I have been converted! Especially for the plane, you hardly notice how lound it is during the flight until you turn them off for landing. And I too get sore ears from jamming in those tiny buds.
    Definitely worthwhile for the plane, I’d like to try them on public transit. Especially if they look rad!

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