Postcard from Essaouira, kitesurfing nirvana

Not all beaches are made for sunbathing and the ‘Windy City’ of Essaouira in Morocco in early April ably fits this bill.

It is however paradise for more active pursuits such as windsurfing and kitesurfing in particular as this snapshot of part of the beach scene testifies.

It is so ideal in fact it is a regular on the Kiteboard World Cup circuit with the best exponents of the sport in competition, demonstrating their acrobatic talents at riding breakers and rising high above the surf.

The beach is also perfect for mere mortals to give it a try however and everyday there seemed to be dozens of brightly coloured wind catchers sailing high in the sky, vibrant splashes of silk against the blue skies.

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Kitesurfers on the windy city beach of Essaouira, Morocco on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

A busy beach scene



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