Postcard from Wadi Shab in Oman

This is the gateway to Wadi Shab in Oman. Arriving by car at the village of Tiwi this is viewed just before turning to see the stunning and impressive entrance to one of Oman’s finest attractions.

Loacted a short drive from the coastal town of Sur and a few hours from Muscat it is worth taking a drive to visit.

The beautiful gateway to Wadi Shab in Oman on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Stunning entrance

At high tide a ferry ride across the aquamarine estuary is required before taking a walk down the steep sided chasm. Emerald green pools, hidden caves and a surprising falaj (irrigation system) will be the reward for the effort.

It is a busy Wadi with plenty of tourists and mule drivers collect palm fronds negotiating the narrow paths.

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Mules carrying palm fronds in Wadi Shab, Oman on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Mules loaded with fronds


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    only two images but good images. wadi shab is a gorgeous place where it has a beautiful cave and waterfalls…
    the outlook just looks playful…thank you for sharing this…

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