Postcard from Mount Athos, A friendly monastery

Mount Athos, Greece has many monasteries, but spending a few days at the Mylopotamos ‘cell’ with Father Epiphanios is special.

This is one of the small individual cells which have just two monks living there. There are a number of twin rooms for guests and whilst the setting is superb it is the hospitality which sets it apart.

Welcoming pilgrims and guests and making them feel at home is an essential part of life for the monks of Mt Athos.  All travellers are provided with water, a sweet treat and tsiporo, an aniseed spirit, but Father Epiphanios offers much more.

The Idiorythmic monastery of Mylopotamos monastery Mount Athos, Greece on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Bay, vineyards and mountains

A man who enjoys the good things in life, cooking simple but delicious food and producing his own wine, but happily sharing his ‘fortune’ with  anybody that appears at his door. His hospitality is even larger than his personality, everybody is welcome here.

He has also achieved celebrity status due to authoring a book on the distinctive cuisine of the Mount Athos peninsula. Those that enjoy being creative in the kitchen should take a look there are some really simple recipes which from the few we tried very tasty.

The stunning surroundings provide some of the finest views I have ever seen, but they are almost superfluous to the whole experience. Spirituality is not one of my virtues but I really felt as if new friendships were forged and hope to return one day to spend more time with the monks of  Mylopotamos.

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  1. Michael Davis

    Mate I’m feeling quiet jealous by listening to your experience, I think in this whole world Greece is the most spiritual country. Would you please deliver more on ‘Tsiporo’ ? I’m curious!

    1. Post

      Hi Michael no need to be jealous, go visit yourself its really worth the visit and provided you can get along with aniseed you’ll enjoy tsiporo too.

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