Postcard from monastic Mount Athos, Greece

Mount Athos is the male only monastic peninsula in the Haldiniki region of Greece known as “The Holy Mountain

The monasteries are spread over the mountainous region and are connected by a series of rough tracks, which in recent years have seen cars replace mules as the main form of transport.

There are around 2500 living throughout Mount Athos. They come from all over the world and apart from Greeks there are also Russian, Hungarian and there has even been a British monk. Many live in communities such as this one, they are known as coenobitic Monasteries.

There are also small ‘cells’ of individual or small groups of monks, which are called idiorythmic. Many of these appear especially idyllic, located on the seashore in small bays, with vineyards growing grapes for making wine with the spectacular mountain providing the backdrop.

Iviron Monastery on Mount Athos, Halkidiki, Greece on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Iviron Monastery

Easter is the holiest time of year on the mountain and many pilgrims visit to share the spiritual experience with the monks of the area. Walking between monasteries where despite the period of fasting they can be sure of a hospitable welcome and a bed to sleep.

The opportunity to stay overnight in such a magnificent building as the Iviron Monastery with views across the sea is possibly a once in a lifetime experience. It is one of the most attractive on Mount Athos and from this angle it appears quite spectacular.

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