Monastery at the end of a Greek rainbow

This intense rainbow was a special treat provided after sitting under a gazebo during two heavy rainstorms while visiting the Mylopotamos Monastery on Mount Athos, Greece.

It almost appeared to be my reward for enduring the heavy rain. Immediately after the storms subsided the air seemed much clearer and alive, the rainbow was the ‘icing on the cake’. A little while later the generous monks provided a welcome meals of salted tomatoes, olives and bread. The rainbow had disappeared so I had my cake before dinner.

This is typical of the hospitality of the Mount Athos monks, as all visitors over this holy period would be provided a meal and some refereshment at any monastery.

This rainbow had appeared especially intense and colourful here at the monastery. Sitting in Mylopotamus can certainly be interpreted as a ‘pot of gold’ for me. It is such an idyllic location referring to it as ‘heaven on earth’ is not just hyperbole. A stunning bay, pretty beach, terraced vineyards and a majestic mountain as a backdrop, it is one of my favourite places visited.

It is surely just a matter of time before I make another ‘pilgrimage’ to visit the monks of this monastery, enjoying their hospitality and friendship over a glass of the wine they produce.

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End of the rainbow


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